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Nexus Labs Live Broadcast: How Local, Grassroots, Collaboration Creates Smarter Buildings
11/18/21 8AM PT/ 9AM MT/ 10AM CT/ 11AM ET

Nexus Labs Live Broadcast 11.18.21 How Local Grassroots Collaboration Creates Smarter Buil


BIG - Building Intelligence Group members from multiple market locations will participate in Nexus Labs Live Broadcast #5, hosted by James Dice, sharing how their regional networking, events, and collaboration bring together multiple stakeholders to advance intelligent buildings, starting locally, with national and global reach. The purpose is to bring people together to realize the value we all see in smart buildings, bringing cross-disciplinary representational and a diversity of perspectives to our shared passion, as we collectively work to shape the future of the intelligent buildings market. We'll share the evolution of BIG as a national organization, with the development of local chapters, and how individuals and organizations can participate.

What we'll cover:

  • The value of community collaboration in each regional buildings and construction market

  • How grassroots organizations can shepherd the market forward

  • How we can create a unified voice at the national and global level

  • How anyone can step up and lead the collaboration in their city or region


8-9AM PT/ 9-10AM MT/ 10-11AM CT/ 11AM-12PM ET (1 hour session)

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James Dice - Headshot-2.jpeg

James Dice 
- Moderator


  • question-asker, engineer, analytics nerd

  • Thinks in bullet points.

  • Denver resident, Illinois native.

  • Loves to learn. James thinks of Nexus as “learning out loud”.

  • A licensed professional engineer and unlicensed expert in data analytics for smart buildings.

  • Favorite books: The Social Animal, Simple Habits for Complex Times, When Things Fall Apart, Antifragile.

  • Hobbies: Trail running, snowboarding, soccer, cooking for friends and family, being a cat dad.


Brad Kult


Brad is founder of BIG and serves as Immediate Past President. He has a passion for intelligent buildings that drives him to encourage greater adoption and aspire to raise the profile of the industry. With a background in low voltage systems, including Building Automation, Audio/Video, Security, Fire Alarm, and Telecommunications, he has a broad perspective of industry trends and future trajectory. Brad believes intelligent buildings should be safe, secure, and comfortable, proactively responding to occupants and enabling efficient, effective management.

Shadi Sheferat.jfif

Shadi Sheferat


Aakash Chandarana

Max Shirley.jfif

Max Shirley

Andy Frank.jfif

Andy Frank

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