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Ben is co-founder of Minify Energy, a St. Paul MN-based energy-efficiency company, where he serves as a Building Solutions Consultant helping people & their buildings run SMART, CLEAN & WELL, leveraging smart building controls, utility data, LED lighting, efficient HVAC, IAQ optimization, water conservation, EV charging, solar and other sustainable building-performance solutions. Ben is a founding member of Smart North, fostering smart cities and communities in Minnesota. Previously Ben led marketing at 75F, Datatrend Technologies, and Aginity. Market experience with strategic planning, partnerships, sustainability, building automation, IoT, software/web UX and development, IT integration, open-source, and BI/data analytics. 

  • Ben Wallace
  • Ben Wallace
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  • Thom Schubbe

Thom is an account executive with Johnson Controls in its commercial security division. He is also the owner of Metro Building Consultants LLC. His firm specializes in intelligent mechanical and networksystems integration, assessment, management, and data visualization for commercial properties in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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  • Jeff Malecha

Jeff is a Senior Vice President for ArchKey Technologies, one of the nation’s largest providers of technology systems whose experience, skill, and reputation are unrivaled by any single contractor. Jeff has a background in Audio/Visual, Mobile/DAS, Security, and Network Infrastructure systems and a passion for Intelligent Buildings. Combining the two, Jeff believes we have the ability and the responsibility to change the way we design and deliver systems for buildings.  If we all believe the biggest asset to a business is its’ people, then we need to continue to look for better ways to integrate a building’s existing systems with new ways to leverage technology, providing flexibility to and improving the efficiency of the people that work within the building itself. 

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  • Ben Disney

Ben is currently a Sr Business Consultant with Honeywell Building Solution in Chicago, IL. His journey into the world of buildings began in the performance contracting arena back in 2012 and has continued on into Building MEP technology systems, particularly BAS from 2016 to the present. He enjoys the dynamic nature of this constantly evolving building technology eco-system and is passionate about being a resource for clients & peers. 


Brad is an Associate Vice President at HGA Architects and Engineers where he built the company’s Building Technologies and Intelligent Buildings practices. In his current role as Intelligent Building Strategist, he helps clients recognize the business value intelligent building systems and processes can contribute to their operations. Skilled in communicating technical concepts to technical and non-technical audiences alike, Brad helps clients navigate the ever-changing technology landscape to select flexible, scalable solutions that adapt to present and future needs. A background in low voltage including Building Automation, Audio/Visual, Security, and Telecommunications Systems gives him a unique perspective on the building intelligence industry. Brad has a passion for intelligent buildings that drives him to encourage greater adoption and aspire to raise the profile of the industry. Brad believes intelligent buildings should be safe, secure, and comfortable, proactively responding to occupants and enabling efficient, effective management.

  • Brad Kult
  • Brad Kult
  • Aakash Chandarana

Aakash is currently the Director of Advanced Development at EMC, LLC.  As Director of Advanced Development, Aakash and his team assist Fortune 1000 businesses with their respective transition to intelligent, and sustainable building ecosystems.  This includes the development and creation of new IoT products and solutions, and the implementation and integration of building control and emerging lighting technologies.  Prior to joining EMC, Aakash served in executive positions at Xcel Energy and practiced law for 10 years.

  • Robbie Danko
  • Robbie Danko

Robbie is currently a Director of Business Development with The Boldt Company, a commercial general contractor.  Her interest in smart buildings developed when working with a low voltage systems installation and integration company; fascinated with the power of interconnected systems and the benefits of networking. While the smart building concept is nothing new, there are gaps in defining purpose, function, application, and implementation. A particular passion for promoting open-source intelligent building technology is making the concept accessible and achievable in incremental intervals.