Who We Are

A cross disciplinary education, support, and networking organization that is dedicated to delivering intelligent commercial building solutions that maximize value for everyone who interacts with the built environment.


Our Charter

  • To provide education and networking opportunities that span all disciplines necessary to implement intelligent building solutions

  • Build support and demand for intelligent, connected buildings

  • Advocate for open systems to allow end-users choice in technology and service

  • Establish a framework to provide a contracting vehicle for delivering intelligent, connected buildings


Our Values

  • Integrity, innovation, and collaboration

  • Focus on internal and end-user communication and education

  • Seek to demonstrate value to all stakeholders who interact with the built environment including occupants, building operators, building managers, the construction industry, product manufacturers, and service providers

  • We favor open platforms and standardization that encourages community development and enables options for building stakeholders

  • Cross disciplinary relationships to enable well aligned project delivery teams to more effectively and efficiently deliver high value solutions

  • Recognize that the team selected for design, implementation, and support is critical to creating innovative and practical solutions

  • Encourage collaboration and coordination between teams that implement and support technology solutions for the built environment

  • Specialize in solutions that provide total situational awareness control, response, and automation



What is an Intelligent Building?

There is no one definition of an intelligent building.  It is actually better to think of building intelligence on a spectrum.  In it's simplest form a building can be "intelligent" if it uses a building automation system to control and manage the internal environment of the building.  On the other end of the spectrum is a building that leverages machine learning, cloud computing and one common operational network in a manner that "intelligently" adjusts to the occupants of the building.

Are Intelligent Buildings Real?

Yes, very much so.  The construction industry has been building intelligent buildings for years.  Again, remember building intelligence is a spectrum.  The recent "buzz" and the true benefits of intelligent buildings are just starting to be understood and implemented because of the advances of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning.  When building systems share the same network and designers require non-proprietary technology it becomes possible to apply machine learning and data analysis techniques to allow us to better manage our work environment.

Why am I just hearing about this now?

There have been a number of large recent projects that have helped people understand the true benefits of taking a deliberate approach to making our buildings more intelligent.  One of the most lauded projects was the Edge in Amsterdam which was completed in 2015.  The Edge is considered one of the greenest buildings in the world with a 98.4% sustainability rating.  The building dynamically adjusts to its occupants and is managed by one dashboard for all building systems.  Since, many more high profile projects have followed and many of the largest technology companies are jumping into the market.

How do I participate?

Join the discussion by attending BIG-TC meetings and share your knowledge with industry professionals. Connect with us by clicking the button at the top of the page, or clicking this link


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