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Who We Are

We are a cross disciplinary education, support, and networking organization that is dedicated to delivering intelligent commercial building solutions that maximize value for everyone who interacts with the built environment.

Our Charter
  • To provide education and networking opportunities that span all disciplines necessary to implement intelligent building solutions

  • Build support and demand for intelligent, connected buildings

  • Advocate for open systems to allow end-users choice in technology and service

  • Establish a framework to provide a contracting vehicle for delivering intelligent, connected buildings

Our Values
  • Integrity, innovation, and collaboration

  • Focus on internal and end-user communication and education

  • Seek to demonstrate value to all stakeholders who interact with the built environment including occupants, building operators, building managers, the construction industry, product manufacturers, and service providers

  • We favor open platforms and standardization that encourages community development and enables options for building stakeholders

  • Cross disciplinary relationships to enable well aligned project delivery teams to more effectively and efficiently deliver high value solutions

  • Recognize that the team selected for design, implementation, and support is critical to creating innovative and practical solutions

  • Encourage collaboration and coordination between teams that implement and support technology solutions for the built environment

  • Specialize in solutions that provide total situational awareness control, response, and automation

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