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Let's Talk BERDO

January 10, 2023

Boston Smaht got together for our first quarterly event of 2023 to discuss BERDO and it's impacts on our community, buildings, and design.

We had approximately 67 people gather for our first quarterly meeting to get to know each other and get some insights about BERDO 2.0.

I hope everyone had a chance to make at least one new connection last night. I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few.

My favorite aspect about a BIG chapter is the goal to get all types of professionals in the same room to cover a variety of topics related to improving the built environment. Last night we took 45min to get more background and understanding about BERDO 2.0.

I need to thank bxp and Verizon again for letting us use the space. Thank you to the steering committee for planning and beverages, especially Rob from Siemens for the food. Thank you to Ben, Yve, Neetu, and Rebecca for the insight into our BERDO program. Most importantly I want to thank everyone who showed up for trusting us that this was a good use of your time.

Please share who did you meet at the event? What questions do you have about BERDO that we can get answered? What do you want to learn for the next event in Q2.

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