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BIG-TO Panel Discussion: Interconnectivity Unleashed in Buildings

We were thrilled to see our community member's enthusiastic participation in our April 18th event: "Interconnectivity Unleashed: Expert Panel Discussion on APIs and Buildings." This event featured a dynamic panel discussion with representatives from diverse stakeholder groups, including Customer (Blake Hyde, Cadillac Fairview), Consultant (Andy Schonberger, Intelligent Buildings), and OEM (Martin Fransham – Schneider Electric- and Jacqueline Sublette – IBIS Group).

Held at the Dialog office in downtown Toronto, the event drew over 50 participants who actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions with our panelists.

The panel kicked off with an introduction and overview of Smart Buildings and integration methods, delving into some crucial considerations, such as interoperability, security and future trends.

The panel offered valuable insights into the real-life implications of APIs in our industry, discussing when to use them and when not to. They shared the owner's perspective, focusing on what influences their decisions, such as upfront costs versus lifecycle costs, as well as maintenance and reliability considerations. A key takeaway was the importance of early engagement and cross-team collaboration, particularly with IT, which was emphasized repeatedly throughout the discussion.

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